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The combination of professionals from the Investment Banking, Business Angels and Family Office.

 This set to bring to the Platform from its creation, the support for Startups with a list of investors (BA, VC, FO)

E.B.A.’s ambition is to help:

  • The STARTUPS (Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A) to cross an important level (sometimes a mountain) which is the 1st and/or second fundraising. With supports such as Tutorials, videos, Templates, telephone assistance and European and non-European investors.
  • INVESTORS (Business Angel, Family Office and Venture Capital) to expand their playground to discover new investment opportunities in EU Countries (+Israel) and/or new topics. To develop their network for Co-investment or business relationships.

Please contribute with your suggestions: amelioration@european-business-angels.com

We do not take commissions on Deals.

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