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Outlook for Fundraising in 2019

Outlook for Fundraising in 2019

We offer you an overview of 2019 fundraising in Europe from different perspectives.

The year 2019 has been exceptional:

– A record year in terms of the number of transactions of more than 100 million in Europe, which represented 36% of the amounts.

– A record year in terms of the growth of investments and the arrival on our market of VCs from North America and Asia, which will certainly be serious competitors for European investors, perhaps a plus for the delays in future fundraising.

Source : Dealroom.co,  E.B.A.


While we note the decrease in the number of deals in the first tranche (0 to 2m€) from 2233 to 1976, i.e. a decrease of “only” 11.5%, it is more than 30% from 1.5M€ to 1M€ in value.

Source : Dealroom.co,  E.B.A

The quality of European Startups is attracting more and more investors from across the Atlantic and Asia, which partly explains the number of young Licorns at over €100m in the round tables in 2019, including 5 at over €500m. We haven’t yet had an IPO like in the United State of our startups, but if not this year or next year, we should see some of our champions making remarkable IPOs.

Source : Dealroom.co,  E.B.A

The most sought-after sectors over the year were energy, health and safety (Cloud, etc.), with the top 5 places:

Northvolt (Battery – Sweden) with 902 m€ in June 2019,

Deliveroo (Distribution -United Kingdom) with 519 m€ in May 2019

UiPath (RPA – Romania) 512 m€ in April 2019

Babylon Health (Health -United Kingdom) with 496 m€ in August 2019

Veeam (Data Security – Switzerland) with 451 m€ in January 2019

Industries with the highest growth in percentage terms



Source : Dealroom.co,  E.B.A

The ranking of the cities according to the amount raised, whatever the amount over the last 4 years.

Source : Dealroom.co,  E.B.A

2 tables from an ATOMICO study of January 2020, one on the social responsibility of investors

And the other on the responses of European VCs on the increase of US VCs in fundraising in Europe.



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