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The Business Angels are one of the keys of our economy with the Family Office and Venture Capital, we wouldn’t have the “unicorns” without them.
Startups for your fundraising, you’ve come to the right place.


The difficulty of raising funds in “Seed” or “Earlystage” is a crucial moment in a project. We give you the means, tools and contacts to achieve this


In search of investment opportunities, expanding your investor network, selling your Startups interests, we offer you these opportunities, but not only



List of Investors We offer several hundred investors (FO, VC and Corporates). We have chosen to select only Funds during this health crisis, Business Angels are individuals with more limits to invest in times of crisis (health and economic). You will have the name of the Funds, the activity, the amounts of the investments, the […]

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Outlook for Fundraising in 2019 We offer you an overview of 2019 fundraising in Europe from different perspectives. The year 2019 has been exceptional: – A record year in terms of the number of transactions of more than 100 million in Europe, which represented 36% of the amounts. – A record year in terms of […]

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Why recurring revenues increase your company’s value ? Posted on November 27, 2019 by Dave Berkus The massive shift in revenue models in recent years  Have you noticed how many web apps and content have turned into subscription services during the last several years?  Call it the Netflix effect.  Application developers once considered their products as licensed in […]

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